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Serim Co., Ltd. is the top company that manages the management of Serim Mulsan Co., Ltd., Serim Hyunmi Co., Ltd., SR Korea Co., Ltd. and Serim Gulf and establishes business strategy.

Serim Co., Ltd. is operating holding company that has production functions such as plastic processing, welding, plating, etc., and operates the steel manufacturing business of plant and steel processing.



Established in 1994, Serim mulsan Co., Ltd. has been in the plastics processing industry for over 25 years. In 2011, Serim mulsan received the patent, design and construction technology of the HITANK business from LG Chem and supply domestic procurement agencies and export to over 20 countries.

Currently, Serim mulsan produce GRP WATER TANK / STS WATER TANK / PE WATER TANK and is specialized in water management technology.



Serim Hyunmi Co., Ltd., started as a Serim Foods Division in 1996, has been developing edible milking and refining industry based on RICE BRAN produced in Korea for over 23 years. Serim Hyunmi Co., Ltd. have facilities to produce all kinds of edible oils such as rice bran oil, olive oil, corn oil and edible oil and fat parts. Serim Hyunmi Co., Ltd. is food/bio specialty company that is classified as a special food part that produces high-quality feed ingredients without fat from rice bran and a bio specialty part through microbial culture using ingredient feed.



SR Korea Co., Ltd. is composed of business group with trading company, technology development and service. The trade division is divided into a overseas sales team for overseas sales of the group's products and a domestic sales team that supplies the group's products to the domestic market and distributes petrochemical products to Korea through partnerships with petrochemical companies. It includes the transportation business division in charge of the domestic logistics of the Group.

The technology development part consists of a general technology development team in charge of water treatment technology development, bio industry development and food research and development for the technical development of all group companies and a design technology development team for water treatment system plant and edible oil extraction / refining plant. The technical services part provides technical services related to water treatment, manages patents and provides total products and company design services.