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ZIOTANK is the ideal water tank that combines the application technology of Zeolite and Bio red clay contained GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) material and boasts not only 99.999% and 99.166% in powerful antibacterial capabilities respectively against colon bacillus and staphylococcus aureus, which are harmful bacteria that cause food poisoning, but also has a far-infrared radiation effect of 88.9%.

ZIOTANK has overcome functional limitations of existing water tanks that merely store water and, instead, has been assigned a new role of enhancing water quality and producing fresher, healthier water.


1. Characteristic

Main body assigned a function to inhibit the growth of germs, bacteria, etc.

  An innocuous inorganic antimicrobial that has substituted antibacterial metal (Ag) in a zeolite carrier

  Differences from organic antimicrobials

-  Stable at high temperatures

-  No volatility or eruption

-  Lasting of antibacterial capabilities for an extended period

  Natural eco-friendly material containing bio red clay whose innate antibacterial function and far-infrared radiation effect help purify water and increase its freshness

2. Performances of ZIOTANK

Item ks specification ZIOTANK test results Remark
Scent and taste Expected to be OK OK Results of tests conducted
by Korea Testing & Research Institute
Turbidity Less than 2 Less than 2
Chromaticity Less than 5 Less than 5
Consumption of potassiumpermanganate Less than 10ppm 1
Evaporation residue Less than 10ppm 8
Reduction of residual chlorine Less than 0.2ppm 0.2
Hydrogen ion concentration PH5.8~8.6 7.3
Heavy metals (Lead: Pb) Less than 0.1ppm Not detected
Phenols Less than 0.005ppm Not detected
Coliform group
(antibacterial capability)
Staphylococcus aureus
(antibacterial capability)
Far infrared emissivity 2-20um 0.889 KICM

3. Image of antibacterial test

antibacterial test(control specimen)