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Established in Sharjah in 2019, SERIM GULF(AL WADI AL SAFI TR.) is a member of the Serim Group in Korea and supports water tank technology and provides management services to the GCC area. Also, SERIM GULF(AL WADI AL SAFI TR.) perform role of general trading company as a bridgehead for Serim Group's entering into GCC market.

SERIM GULF strives to succeeding and developing the corporate philosophy of "Honesty and Good rules evil." and to become an honest and innovative company.

SERIM GULF will endeavor to protect the land and water by developing unique products in the world through innovative technology development activities. We will strive to be the best company for nature, people, environment and safety because preserving the natural environment is fundamental to protecting people.

SERIM GULF will be faithful to the environment and people to be “ONE SERIM” and we will make our actions help to make the world a better place. We will lead the true lives of everyone and move forward as a global company and provide the best value to our customers, shareholders, employees and society.

Serim Group - Tae-Kyong, Ko

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